Hey Team-

Please take a few minutes to complete the form on this page. We will use this information to create a balance between you and our students. Safe N Sound wants to make sure that we are keeping our current staff fed with your desired number of hours before hiring too many new people to work those hours. Subbing shifts, Ongoing Swim shifts, Guarding or Ongoing Guard shifts are all available now!

Please use this opportunity to also include information about your last Pay Review and 1 on 1 meeting, just in case our notes are unclear. It is very important that we meet with all of you between now and June 1 to ensure your success.

Aquatics Team

Get ready for Summer to come! Many of you have experienced Summer at SNS, and for those that have not- Get Ready! Each year we have a surge in Lifeguarding hours to support our Summer Camp! If you are interested in becoming a Lifeguard, please talk to an Aquatic Manager or sign up on the breakroom fridge. This is a great way to work additional hours and have a great time keeping our Campers Safe N Sound.