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All lessons at Safe N Sound Swimming are one-on-one instruction. That means each lesson will be tailored to the skill and comfort level of the student. There are no beginner, immediate, or advanced classes with which you need to synch your schedule. 

There are two ways to schedule lessons at Safe N Sound. The most popular way is to reserve an "ongoing lesson" spot. This method reserves the same date and time each week for your student to attend lessons. We strive to keep the same instructor as well, however, school schedules, vacations, and illness can result in a different instructor from time to time. With an ongoing lesson reservation you are charged a monthly recurring charge until you cancel your lessons.  Our cancellation policy for ongoing lessons is up to 4 hours the day of the lesson.

Please fill out the form below so that we can find the right days, times, and instructor for your student.

Due to the popularity of this offering, there is usually a waitlist. Typically, the wait for an ongoing spot is 3 to 4 weeks. Popular times and instructors may extend the wait time further. If your requested day and time or instructor are not available, our schedulers will use your information from the form below to place you on the waitlist automatically.

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Please provide a wide range of days and times to help us look for available or upcoming openings. 



Summer Lessons

Series start June 19th and end the last day of August. To request a summer lesson series, fill out the form below and indicate summer lessons in the notes section.

Learn More about Pay As You Go Lessons

Not interested in an ongoing lesson? No problem we offer a pay as you go lesson offering as well. You can learn more about Pay As You Go.