We have Lifeguard "Try-out" sessions! See if you can pass the pre-test before signing up for the Training. Our classes are scheduled with your busy life in mind- just two Saturdays and you're done! Lifeguarding is a rewarding job with flexible hours and competitive pay. Plus, the pool is a fun place to work. 

Course Description

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatic emergencies and to provide care for injured patrons. This course certifies successful participants in American Red Cross Lifeguarding, First-Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer.

  • Participants must be at least 15 years of age on or before the last course date.
  • Students must attend a pre-course session for their swim test that is administered in advance of the first training session. (Flexible options available!)
    • See below for options to complete the pre-course prior to enrolling for the course. Note our Refund and Reschedule options below.
  • This Training requires students to complete online coursework prior to, and between the class sessions.
  • Course schedule is an Intensive format of two 10-hour days, requiring sustained energy for several hours in the pool.
  • Students must attend all course sessions and actively participate in skills practice
  • Certification is not guaranteed, success is based on each student's Performance.     Prepare | Participate | Perform
  • Students must successfully complete final skills and written testing at the end of Day 2 in order to gain Certification.


Pre-Course skill Session:

  • Swim 300 yards continuously using crawl stroke or breaststroke, demonstrating rythmic breathing. (Must swim with your face in the water)
  • 2 minutes of treading water without using your hands. (Your head must stay above water)
  • Timed 10# brick retrieval in 8 feet of water. (20 yard swim, dive to retrieve object, swim 20 yards back - on your back - without your hands)
  • More detailed pre-course information can be found in Lifeguard FAQs.

For those 100% confident in performing the Pre-Course skills successfully:

  • You may enroll directly into the Lifeguarding Course
  • Select a Pre-Course session that fits your schedule and contact us to book that session. No additional payment is required.
  • It is your responsibility to attend one of the sessions for the Pre-Course and the session is REQUIRED to be completed successfully in order to participate.
  • Everyone, including Olympic swimmers, must attend and successfully complete the Pre-Course skills to participate in the Lifeguarding Course.

For those less confident in performing the Pre-Course skills successfully:

  • We strongly encourage you to attempt the skills before enrolling in the course.
  • With a fee of $29, you may "try-out" before enrolling in the Lifeguarding Course. Pre-course Sessions are scheduled regularly to provide this opportunity. 
  • When you successfully complete the skills, your fee can be applied toward the Lifeguarding Course cost.
  • If you are unsuccessful with the skills, we will give you the information you need to improve and re-attempt at another time.
  • Verification of skills is good for 30 days prior to the course.

Sign Up for the Pre-Course

Course Refund and Reschedule Options:

Full refund when you cancel more than 14 days in advance

75% refund when you cancel less than 14 days in advance

$25 fee to Reschedule within 7 days of the course. No refunds available.


Sign up for the Lifeguard Course

To register for a scheduled class, use the self-registration button above. If you prefer, you may call or email us at (206) 285-9279 or <Train@snsswim.com>

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Upcoming Pre-Course Sessions



November 13th     7:30pm-9pm

November 30th     7:30pm-9pm

Course Fees

Our cost is $239. You will pay a separate Certificate fee of $36 for the American Red Cross to support continued development of the curriculum.

We offer access to the digital version of the Lifeguard Manual, available for download.  A paper copy of the manual is available for an additional $40.

After booking and purchasing the Lifeguard Course, our system will provide a credit to book your chosen Pre-Course session.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Safe N Sound Training

We present the curriculum in an easy-to-understand way that keeps participants engaged throughout the course. Our focus on the individual keeps us aware of each participant’s progress and understanding of the content. Our goal is for all participants to successfully complete the course with confidence, ready to save lives.

Pool temperature matters! Learning any skill in the water is much more pleasant in warmer temperatures- from learning to Swim, Scuba Diving, or Lifeguarding. Our 88 degree pool is a perfect place to learn, while our classroom is bright and welcoming.  Participants will have access to our locker room and shower facilities, and towel service is available.

We can provide training sessions for your group, by request. We also offer CPR/AED & First-Aid for the workplace! Train your staff Today.

We are centrally located in Seattle, north of Downtown between several popular neighborhoods. Our location has excellent public transit options and the area is bicycle friendly as well. Parking is available and our Lake Union location can’t be beat!


We do recruit job applicants from our Lifeguard Courses, making this a great opportunity for employment.

Safe N Sound Swimming