Frequently Asked Questions

American Red Cross Lifeguarding


What should I bring?

State-issued photo ID
Participant Manual (Digital device or Printed)
Snacks and drinks, food, water bottle
Strong work ethic
Sense of Humor

What is the Pre-course or Prerequisite test?

Participants must demonstrate specific swimming skills to ensure they are fit to perform water rescues and be responsible for the safety of others. Two attempts are allowed to successfully complete each skill but be advised these skills are strenuous and sometimes cannot be immediately repeated based on a person's energy level. Participants must complete the following:

-Swim 300 yards continuously- either freestyle or breaststroke, demonstrating rhythmic breathing. (This is NOT timed and you'll need to swim with your face in the water)
-You'll swim the length of the pool, surface dive, retrieve a 10 pound object and swim the length on your back without using your hands. (within 1minute, 40 seconds)
-Tread water for 2 minutes continuously without using your hands, keeping your head above water.

For more detailed pre-course information, you can find great videos online showing people performing the skills effectively.
Please note that we do not offer refunds of the course fee if you cannot complete the pre-course test successfully.

What if I am unsure about passing the Prerequisite skills test?

Prior to enrolling in the course, you may book in to a Pre-Course and "try-out" for the class for $29. If you are successful then your payment can be applied to course fees and you may enroll in an upcoming course. If you are not successful then we'll give you feedback and some pointers for improvement. It is unfortunate for people to learn they cannot complete the prerequisites after enrolling in the course and we hope to help people avoid that costly mishap. Your Pre-Course fee may only be applied to a course within 2 months of the session while the Skill Verification is only valid for 30 days. If you must reschedule your Lifeguard Course booking, or cannot attend within 30 days, then you'll need to complete the skills again before your course.

Where should I park?

Parking is available in city owned lots along Westlake Avenue North. Parking is free on the weekends and is $1 per hour M-F 9am-4pm.

When should I arrive?

We recommend that you allow 15 minutes for parking at or near our location. Our Instructors begin promptly to ensure we cover all of the course content and skills.

What should I expect?

Prepare | Participate | Perform

Expect to work hard, apply yourself to the practice and leave here tired. The skills learned in this course can be strenuous in nature and participants are encouraged to plan accordingly.

How can I lifeguard for SNS?

If you are interested in working for Safe N Sound Swimming, please apply using our Career Opportunities link.

Who can I contact with specific questions?

Specific questions can be directed to

What if I need to change or cancel?

We are happy to accommodate your scheduling needs. We kindly ask that you provide us with at least 7 days notice to change or cancel. This will allow someone else time to complete their e-Learning homework and participate in the class.

Full refund if you cancel more than 14 days in advance

75% refund if you cancel less than 14 days in advance

$25 fee to Reschedule within 7 days of the course. No refunds can be issued with less than 7 days notice.