Why Train with Safe N Sound?

Here at Safe N Sound, we've been teaching for over 30 years. Our experience in 1-on-1 lessons gives us the ability to present the curriculum in an easy-to-understand way that keeps participants engaged throughout our courses. Our focus on the individual keeps us aware of each participant’s progress and understanding of the content as we present group class curriculum. Our goal is for all participants to successfully complete courses with confidence, ready to promote safety and professionalism.


Don't go it alone- we're here to help. When you book your group training with us, we guarantee your training. Individual trainers cannot make this guarantee without a team to back them up. Life happens- people get sick, cars break down, tires go flat, things come up sometimes that take priority in our lives. Don't let life events compromise your deadline- schedule your training with a reliable and reputable training provider that will guarantee your training despite life happening to individuals. Our Training Team is committed to delivering your class on time and with the proper equipment and we always have a contingency plan.


With such a mission critical item- why take any chances?


Why schedule a private Training for your group?

Are you exhausted from coordinating logistics and transportation for your staff members? We'll help you stay more productive in your busy pre-season by taking the headache out of having your staff trained. Simply contact us to set up a Group Training at our facility or yours! We'll handle all of the course logistics, planning, equipment requirements, course delivery, certificates and continued support is available to ensure a safe and successful season.


Does your organization need specialized components such as Waterfront, Emergency oxygen, Epinephrine auto-injector, Small craft safety or others? We can customize a training package to meet the specific organization or agency requirements to keep you compliant with these protocols. Training as a team at your facility is a great way to increase your team's confidence for performing rescues at their location and reinforces team work. This often removes the common need to 'bridge' from the training environment to the work environment.  We can also increase the course time to include facility specific Emergency Action Plan training to ensure your staff is ready to act accordingly if an emergency situation happens.


For an assessment and quote please complete the form below and we'll contact you.



Continued Support for your organization

  • Emergency Action Planning & Review
  • In-Service Training with a Lifeguard Instructor
  • Lifeguard Station & Rotation Planning
  • Readiness & Response Evaluations
  • Hazard Assessment and Management 
  • Lifeguard Management Training
  • Equipment Assessment & Recommendations
  • Safety Inspection Planning & Guidance


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