Client Testimonials



“We are proud to say that our two children have been taking lessons at SNS since 2002. With patient and skilled instructors, our children (who were quite young at the time) started off learning how to get comfortable in the water and float on their backs. Today, they confidently display mastery of a myriad of strokes that move them gracefully across the pool and back. We can’t say enough about SNS’s team of dedicated instructors who have worked with our children over these many years. We continue to refer many friends to SNS where weekly, fifteen-minute, one-on-one lessons, with a dedicated instructor provide life-long skills and excitement about the water that are valuable far beyond the confines of the pool. – Christine White”




“Our family has been swimming at SNS for 6 years. Our first son started at 9 months and has progressed to swimming on his own. The instructors have all been great, enthusiastic and helpful in water safety and teaching swimming. Courtney has helped make our boys water safe and excited when it’s time to swim. She makes it fun enjoyable and great to learn! We were recommended to SNS by family and have been nothing more than pleased and happy with our experiences. Our second son at 2 years old recently started swimming and loves it too! We recommend Safe N Sound to all of our friends and family.” –The Engs




“SNS gives my kids the one-on-one attention they wouldn’t get in a group lesson. With our busy schedule, I appreciate the efficiency of a 15-minute lesson.” –anonymous

“I am the parent of two girls, ages 6 and 5. My girls have been taking lessons once a week for the past 3 years at SNS. When my children started lessons, they were afraid to put their head underwater and to jump in from the side of the pool. The highly qualified instructors at SNS passed this hurdle in no time and my girls have turned into excellent swimmers. The level of confidence shown by my girls in and around the water since they started lessons at SNS has only continued to grow and I am in much thanks to this wonderful program. I highly recommend Safe N Sound swimming! ” Sent to Safe N Sound Swimming Inc. (SNS) from a very satisfied parent.

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