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Currently certified Lifeguards may participate in this Course to renew your 2-year certification

Currently certified Lifeguards, or those within 30 days past expiration, may participate in this Lifeguard Review Course to maintain certification. The class is a Blended Learning format which includes about 6 hours of online coursework prior to the in-person session. This course is held in a single day of 11 hours which makes a convenient but intense option to renew your certificate. If you have any concerns about maintaining your energy level though this long day this course may not be for you.

Participants will be required to perform the Pre-Course Skills test including a 300 yard continuous swim, 2 minutes of treading water without hands, and the brick dive. We have Pre-Course sessions scheduled regularly if you prefer to complete the pre-course skills up to 30 days before the Review Course.

More information about the Pre-Course skills, see our FAQ section.


2019 Review Courses


April 13th


May 4th


June 15th


July 27th


August 17th


October 19th

Safe N Sound's Course cost is $146 which includes the American Red Cross fee for Certificates.

You may book online or give our Team a call at 206-285-9279. You may also email <>

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